Master Wine 葡萄老祖

We were invited to be part of Autobottleography exhibition by W+K Shanghai in 2014. The task was to design a bottle for their home-brewed wine. In order to juxtapose the western beverage culture and Chinese tradition, we decided to use the shape of a Hulu(gourd) as our bottle design. Letter ‘W’ and ‘K’ on the label was designed to form Chinese character 白(white), It’s to represent white wine. And the two founders was illustrated as the trademark.

So the story goes like this: There are two legendary wine makers that people call them Master Wine(葡萄老祖) also know as uncle Wieden and Kennedy whom produce concentrated high quality wine in Changle Lu. Their wine believed to be the creative juice that will blow people’s mind away after drinking. Therefore, for some inexplicable reason, creatives from all around the world travel far away here, hopping to take a sip of good taste for this incredible wine!